RCK Jumps for Heart Health

Students at Ruth C. Kinney Elementary recently participated in a Jump Rope for Heart project during gym classes, in conjunction with the American Heart Association (AHA). Eight different stations were set up, each involving jumping. The children monitored their pulse while participating in these jumping stations.

The RCK students had learned all about their hearts in February during American Heart Month, including how the heart pumps blood containing oxygen to the rest of the body. While exercising, the body needs extra oxygen, so the heart has to beat faster to send the extra oxygen-laden blood throughout the rest of the body. Each student found their pulse by feeling their wrist and neck, and used heart-rate monitors to learn how many times their heart beats in one minute while they are resting (resting heart rate) and while they are exercising (active heart rate). After comparing these two sets of numbers, the RCK students confirmed that their hearts beat much faster while exercising.

RCK’s students were also given the opportunity to fundraise for the AHA. “They did an excellent job and surpassed their goal of $2,500 by raising $2,938,” said proud physical education teacher Bonnie Rabin.