Parker Accounts for Success at University of Tampa

Steven Parker, a member of East Islip’s Class of 2010, is putting his business talents to terrific use at the University of Tampa, where the sophomore accounting and finance major is holding down a 4.0 grade point average.

The current vice president of the university’s accounting club, Parker also serves as a campus building manager and has been invited to the dean’s list. Another of Parker’s ambitions is getting a bid for prestigious accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi, a goal he is confident he will attain.  

Like so many other recent East Islip graduates, he attributes much of his success in the adjustment to college life to his experiences in the Career Academy. “Being a part of the Career Academy at East Islip High School has been a major aspect of my life, opening many doors and providing business etiquette and networking skills that I use in my everyday college life,” Parker explained. “It also gave me the opportunity to do presentations in front of business and political leaders, and to feel at ease. In Career Academy classes, I was always encouraged to speak freely and offer my opinions and ideas. Currently I am working on getting an internship in New York, using the contacts I made from being in the Career Academy.”