First Responder Shortage

Firefighter clip art
To our East Islip Community:

Please do not be alarmed if you see ambulances and fire trucks outside the schools on a regular basis during the next few weeks. You should be alarmed however, about the shortage of volunteer first responders across Long Island.

Today, all high school students received exchange ambulance and fire department information. Next Monday, April 23, all middle school students will be receiving the same information. In an effort to encourage our students to volunteer we ask you to have a conversation at the dinner table with your children. Volunteer first responders can be eligible for college credit, free or reduced college tuition, property tax reductions, state income tax benefits, free health checkups, free insurance as well as a pension.

Please have this conversation with your child today. Service to the community is what ties us together. Some people volunteer to be first responders and there are others who volunteer in the area of arts and athletics. Please consider being a first responder or encourage your children to do so.

Again, if you see an ambulance or fire truck outside the schools, please do not be alarmed. We should all be alarmed that we do not have enough men and women to man these vehicles. True love of your community and true EI Pride are grounded in service to each other.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Superintendent John V. Dolan