The Making of a Mandala at EIHS

The Making of a Mandala at EIHS
The Making of a Mandala at EIHS 2

As part of learning about the tools and capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, students in Heather Toomey's electronic illustration classes at East Islip High School recently created a mandala for a class project.

The students worked on both black-and-white and color versions of the mandala, which Toomey then compiled into a class coloring book. The students voted and chose Katrina Shea’s work as the cover for the coloring book.

“The mandala was so much fun,” said student Connor Lennon. “We created half a triangle, reflected it and then rotated all the pieces to create a final circular design.”

“The coloring book was a very creative idea and fun to be a part of," said classmate Camila Corral.

“I was really excited about this collaborative class project,” said Toomey. “Creating art and being able to share it with others is one reason why I love teaching art so much. Each student was able to create a beautiful work of art as an individual, and then as a group, we created something that others can use and enjoy. I would invite everyone to color in a page, photograph it and post it to social media with the hashtag #eiFineArts.”