Brown's Pre-Vet Program at Cornell

“I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since I was five,” said East Islip High School junior Matt Brown. The ambitious AP and honors student will get the chance to learn how to make his dream come true this summer. Brown is one of only 80 high schoolers from around the world who have been accepted into Cornell University’s prestigious pre-veterinary science summer program. Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine is consistently ranked as America’s best veterinary school.

The three-week "Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Practice" course at Cornell Summer College in Ithaca, N.Y. will provide Brown with a formal, academic introduction to veterinary medicine, and earn him three college credits. Mornings will feature lectures on the basic form and function of the anatomy and physiology of cats, dogs and other domestic animals, as well as common situational topics like spaying, neutering and emergencies. In the afternoons, Brown and the other pre-vet students will gain hands-on experience of diagnosis and treatment through laboratory exercises.

Brown is well aware of just how competitive veterinary science is, even compared to the study of human medicine. Few colleges offer veterinary programs, so the demand is high, and veterinary students are required to learn about and familiarize themselves with the anatomy and medical issues of a variety of animal species.
“I’m really excited to study at one of the best veterinary schools in the nation,” said Brown, who volunteers at the East Islip Animal Hospital in his spare time. “I am very interested in potentially attending Cornell for undergraduate and even vet school.”

Summer school at Cornell is only one of Brown’s many activities he pursues to enrich his studies and his life. An EI varsity wrestler and Eagle Scout with local Troop 205, he also plays bagpipes with the Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band of AOH Division 7 and has logged over 600 hours of community service. As a senior in the 2012-2013 school year, he will be participating in East Islip High School’s new Medical and Health Technologies Career Academy.