MSG Varsity Grant Helps Technology Club Shine

The East Islip High School Technology Club and adviser Hal Kench recently teamed up with Cablevision’s MSG Varsity program to showcase East Islip School District events.

MSG Varsity is a first-of-its-kind initiative comprised of a full-time television network (viewable only via Cablevision at channel 614), a comprehensive online destination and a groundbreaking interactive service dedicated to high school sports, academics and activities throughout the tri-state area.

“Contrary to popular belief, MSG Varsity doesn’t just want sporting events covered, they are interested in all school-related activities,” Kench explained.

To get the program started in East Islip, MSG Varsity generously provided a high-definition video camera, still camera, assorted microphones and seed money to purchase two iMac computers for video editing. To date, EI students have submitted 36 videos, 45 photo galleries, and 74 articles to the East Islip page on MSG Varsity. The school’s Technology Club is on track to receive another $2,000 equipment grant from MSG Varsity in September 2012 as well as $1,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors.