HS Artists Exhibited at NCC

HS Artists Exhibited at NCC

Four talented young artists – Kaylin Cuba, Jenna Donnelly, Bobby Heller and Cassidy Stephen – from the high school were chosen for Nassau Community College’s 20th annual Arts and Science Fair. The program offers an opportunity for art students across Long Island to have their work showcased in a gallery as well as participate in the competition. This year’s theme was “Education...Liberation,” asking students to examine the role that education has played in their lives and reflect on how it opened new doors for them.

Heller and Stephen represented East Islip for the computer graphics category of the competition, while Cuba and Donnelly were chosen for the photography category of the competition. Only two entries per category for each Long Island high school are entered.“I am proud of my electronic illustration and photography students who were chosen to represent East Islip in this showcase,” said their teacher, Heather Toomey. “I am so excited to be teaching electronic illustration this year. Creating art on the computer is one of my favorite mediums in the art, and the entire class did an excellent job on this project. I selected Bobby’s piece to be printed large and displayed in the front lobby because he chose a powerful symbol of freedom and liberty. He created a wonderful visual interpretation using typography in Adobe Illustrator. This was also a great opportunity to showcase his work in a contest and exhibition at Nassau Community College with the themes of education and liberation.”

“A couple of years ago I didn’t even know I was good at art or even interested in it, and now I am hanging one of my works up in the school and exhibiting at a college,” said Heller. “It is an honor.”

“I was excited to have the opportunity to show my computer art in this competition at Nassau Community College,” said Stephen.

Said Cuba, “I was really honored that Mrs. Toomey picked me to be a part of this competition and exhibit.”