Medical & Health Technology Career Academy

East Islip High School’s third and latest Career Academy won’t even begin until the fall of 2012, but 29 of the 34 spaces in the new Medical and Health Technology Career Academy have already been filled by eager juniors interested in this burgeoning, diverse career field. More than twice that number have applied for acceptance.
“We are very excited by the overwhelming response from next year’s seniors in East Islip High School,” said Career Academy director Israel Malinowitzer. “This program will be rigorous and very hands-on. Students will have the opportunity to speak with medical professionals and visit hospitals on Long Island, and we’ll provide them with the best information to help them make the right choices as they prepare to apply to colleges across the country. The medical field is very extensive and there are so many areas we need to inform our students about.”

Career Academy teachers are also excited to kick-start the new program, and have been working together to create a challenging curriculum that will give these students what Malinowitzer calls “an education like no other school district on Long Island.”

The Medical and Health Technology program itself may be new, but Malinowitzer already has a network in place to facilitate these goals. “We are very fortunate to already be partnered with North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Systems and their facilities such as Bay Shore’s Southside Hospital. We’ve also heard from other professionals in the medical field who would like to come down and meet with our students, and explain the skills needed for pursuing a career in the medical field.”

The program will demand intense commitment from participants – Medical and Health Technology Career Academy students will work on medical projects, must write college-level research papers and will be required to log 80 internship hours over the course of their senior year.

The Academy students will also network with medical and health professionals, gaining first-hand experience of the realities of hospital work. “This new Career Academy will open their eyes and provide them with a true understanding of what the medical field is all about and what they need to do to succeed in it,” Malinowitzer concluded.