The East Islip Board of Education has postponed its budget adoption to Tuesday, June 5 at 7 p.m. The meeting will take place in the first floor cafeteria of the District office.
Since the defeat of the proposed budget on May 15, the Board of Education has pledged that the revised budget will not exceed the tax cap, thereby requiring only a simple majority for approval. However, revising the budget to meet a tax levy cap increase of 3.20 percent requires reductions in spending that will likely impact important and valued student programs and services such as full-day kindergarten, athletics, other instructional areas and the nine-period day at the middle school and high school.
None of these reductions are options that the Board and the school community believe are desirable. With this in mind, district officials and representatives from the bargaining groups are working collectively to meet the challenge of restoring these important programs. As a result, more time is needed to complete the task. The Board of Education appreciates the community’s patience and looks forward to adopting the revised budget on Tuesday, June 5.