Middle Schoolers View Solar Panel Installation

Middle school students from Harold Kench’s technology classes were invited to a special viewing of the May 31 installation of the East Islip High School courtyard’s new solar panels.  

The displayed panels will be used to teach students about the solar energy that is produced throughout the day. Students can monitor the system and produce data analysis showing the increase and decrease of energy at different times of the day.

This solar panel system was donated to East Islip by Direct Grid Corporation and installed by Solar Dad and Sons. Representatives from these companies – Louis Squeo of Direct Grid and Ken Sanger of Solar Dad – were in attendance at the viewing to speak to the middle school’s students and explain how solar panels work.

“We are very thankful for this wonderful donation by Direct Grid and the partnership with all of the other companies that have offered the services or supplies necessary to put this solar panel system in the courtyard,” said East Islip High School Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer. “The middle school students had a wonderful time in the courtyard and learned a great deal about solar energy.”