Letter to Community on Bond Vote

Letter to Community on Bond Vote
Dear Parents, Staff and Residents:

Happy Spring!

As we move closer to the vote that will shape the future of East Islip's schools, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the tour dates that are still available. I strongly urge everyone to come take a walk through our schools and go online and view the videos that show the conditions of our schools.

It has been my pleasure to walk through the buildings with many community members. I gain valuable insight into the community, and it becomes obvious to me, with the people’s reactions, that we need to encourage everyone to see the conditions of our bathrooms, locker rooms, roofs and electrical systems. As adults, we encourage and implore our children and students to think and gather information before they make decisions. As adults, we are teaching our children to see something, say something. Our buildings are in need of renovations; just like your homes, we are looking at roofs, bathrooms and electrical systems and the outside of our buildings and fields.

As your superintendent, I’m asking you all to invite your friends and neighbors to take a tour, view the videos, come to public forums and meetings, and make an informed decision. Please encourage those who have not been in the schools for the last 10 years to come and see, so they too can make the most informed decision they can make when they come to pull the lever in May.

My dream is to have 10,000 people take these tours and 10,000 people come out and vote. Please grab a friend or neighbor who hasn’t seen our schools and bring them to a tour.

Let’s pull together to make the best decision for East Islip for the next 20 years.


John V. Dolan
Superintendent of Schools