TP Students Honored in Congressional Record

If winning the New York State 2012 Disney Planet Challenge wasn’t enough of an honor, Jennifer Giordano's fifth-grade “Recyclinators” class at Timber Point Elementary were recognized in the U.S. House of Representatives.

On May 30, Rep. Steve Israel entered the class into the Congressional Record for their environmental achievements; they placed fifth overall in the entire nation. The congressman sent a bound copy of the record to each member of the class: Zaina Abdelbaky, Brittney Amaru, Nicolette Banville, Charlie Curran, Kyle DeLisi, Nickolas Dimitriou, Ryan Engblom, Lauren Florenz, Steven Geisler, Nicole Graziano, Tom Hazell, Shannon Hubany, Dylan Lopez, Natalia Lozinski, Owen Meddis, Matthew Pinz, Julia Ryan, Kerri Smith, Katelyn Spina, Natalie Stergakos, Ryann Tracy and Cassidy Triolo.

In his statement, Rep. Israel said, “I am honored to have this school, Jennifer Giordano and all these students in the 2nd Congressional District of New York… Ms. Giordano's class at Timber Point Elementary School embodies the spirit of thinking globally while acting locally… These fifth graders have successfully made their community more aware of how their habits impact our environment. Their hard work shows that when we all work together to do our part, we can make a big difference. I commend these students for their dedication to their community and our planet. I would also like to honor their teacher, Jennifer Giordano, and their parents for instilling in these children the importance of protecting our environment for future generations.”

A bill drafted by Rep. Israel with the help of Giordano’s class, requiring anyone selling alkaline batteries to collect them back, is currently being presented in the House.