Embers Coffee House Entertains HS

The audience was warmed up and ready to be entertained as a student host stepped in front of the cameras in East Islip High School’s television studio. The television lights were blazing, the microphones were live and the script scrolling on the teleprompter. The atmosphere in the studio was electric as teacher James Connell’s broadcast television and video production classes began the day’s program, titled “The Embers Coffee House – A Daytime Variety Show.”  

Led by producers Brendan Bullard and Dave Tekverk and aided by technicians Hunter Canavan, John Randazzo and Takan Tarkil, the students produced over a dozen show segments for “The Embers Coffee House.” Each featured performances by their talented high school classmates, including Tom Bauer, John Callagy, Rose Labrys, Jacob Levesque and Brandon Missig.

“It was an exciting and intense experience for the students to produce and direct all elements of a live show,” said Connell. “Managing the lighting, sound, set, cameras and talent provided them with a professional challenge. The student hosts and announcers gave excellent performances, and student producers, directors, audio operators and crew captured great video and sound for the event, which was very efficiently run. My students had a great time producing the show for their fellow classmates.”