TV Monitors Installed Thanks to FTK Grant

Two new television monitors were installed in the East Islip High School’s main lobby on June 6, marking the first phase of the school’s expansion of its audiovisual systems. The project was completed at no cost to the East Islip School District, thanks to a generous donation by the For the Kids Foundation (FTK), a local organization dedicated to improving the educational experience of East Islip’s students. FTK representatives visited the high school on June 14 for a demonstration of the upgraded technology.

The two additional lobby monitors were tied into the audiovisual system already installed in the cafeteria, and the system’s control capabilities were extended to the principal’s office. This will allow the school to stream live video, broadcast recorded student activities and display student photos.  

“We believe that this project will have a tremendous impact on the tone and environment of the school,” remarked Principal William Brennen. “Visitors and students that enter our school will be able to view images and videos of positive student behavior. Our hope is that students will strive to get their picture up on the monitors by participating in positive school activities.”

 In order to complete the project, special wires needed to be run from the principal’s office to the main lobby and cafeteria. Using wiring already available to the district, Assistant Plant and Facilities Administrator John Rotzman convinced one of the district’s vendors to donate their time to install the wire.

This new video system is expandable, and East Islip High School intends to eventually install additional monitors in the school’s gymnasium lobby and to broadcast live via the internet into all classrooms. This week’s FTK-funded installation is the first step in accomplishing that goal.