2012-13 School Budget Revote Passes

On June 19, the East Islip School District's 2012-13 school budget revote passed the second time around with a 56.5 percent majority voting to approve. District Clerk Marie Rogers announced the results shortly before 9:30 p.m. to an assembled audience of school board members, district administrators, parents and residents.

“After a long and difficult process, I am pleased that – with the highest number of yes votes cast in the past five years – the budget has passed,” remarked East Islip Board of Education President Glenn Reed. “The road ahead remains difficult and long, but we have come so far as a community that I am confident we can continue working together to build a sustainable future for our students, our employees and our residents.”

The overall district voting numbers for the revote were 3,355 yes, 2,579 no. The total number of voters was 5,934 (up from the 5,617 total voters for the first failed vote on May 15). As this second budget was under the New York State-imposed 3.23 percent tax levy cap, it required only a simple majority (50 percent plus one) to pass.  

A total of 1,347 voted at Connetquot Elementary School in Islip Terrace, with 54.3 percent approving (732 yes votes, 615 no votes).

John F. Kennedy Elementary School in East Islip had 1,769 voters, also with 54.3 percent approving (960 yes, 809 no).

There were 1,301 voters at Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School in Islip Terrace, with 59.4 percent approving (773 yes, 528 no).

Timber Point Elementary School in East Islip had 1,517 voters, with 58.7 percent approving (890 yes, 627 no).

Retooled from the earlier $107.6 million budget, this approved $105.8 million budget reflects a 2.99 percent tax levy increase and includes such vital elements such as full-day kindergarten, a nine-period day at the high school and middle school, full varsity and JV sports and almost the entire award-winning music program.