EI Students Compete in Global Business Challenge

Three seniors from East Islip High’s Class of 2012 competed in this year’s Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) Global Business Challenge.

VEI selects top students worldwide to participate in the competition and assigns them to small groups. The students are given a Harvard research paper to read and discuss as a group and then decide the outcome of the decision.

East Islip’s Anton Hagberg, Kyle Harris and Mike Russo were chosen to represent East Islip’s Virtual Enterprises Business Globalization Career Academy and traveled to Manhattan to meet and work with their group. “This in itself was challenging,” explained Career Academy director Israel Malinowitzer. “The students come from all over the world and are quickly introduced, provided the Harvard paper and then required to work together. The language barrier can be a problem. Nevertheless, the students did have a great time and made new friends from different countries.”

After the Global Business Challenge, the trio of seniors shared their experiences with their fellow Virtual Enterprises students back in East Islip.

“This was an opportunity of a lifetime to work with other students from around the world,” remarked Anton Hagberg, an East Islip exchange student from Sweden.