CES Fourth-Graders Stage Three Little Pigs

Not content to let anything hold back their creativity, students from Joseph Esposito's fourth-grade class at Connetquot Elementary rewrote the classic story of the Three Little Pigs for their June 11 production in front of the school’s kindergartners.

The class read four different versions of the famous story beforehand and ran a contrast and comparison chart. They also watched the Disney cartoon and another cartoon version, and compared those as well. The fourth-graders then brainstormed to decide which elements of the story were necessary to produce their own version.  

Rather than performing as actors, the Connetquot students used puppets to retell the story. Under the guidance of music teacher Eileen Egbert, they composed lyrics, wrote an original wolf song and sang the Disney classic, "Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

The student cast included Joseph Pontillo as the Big Bad Wolf, Eric Berke as Mama Pig, Robert Perniciaro as Straw Pig, Jessy Canessa as Stick/Twig Pig, Raquel Rivera as Brick Pig and Charles Stallone as Nephew to the Wolf. Paraprofessional Patricia Stengel provided the voice of the Owl and constructed the three homes for the pigs.