Kindergarten Students Read Over 20,000 Books!

Kindergarten Students Read Over 20,000 Books!

The 1,000 Book Project, a voluntary, read-aloud program which was offered to students in kindergarten in its initial year, has been an amazing success. The heart of the project is to foster a lifelong love of reading, beginning at an early age. To achieve this, Connetqout Elementary School and Timber Point Elementary School both have 100 tote bags with an assortment of 10 books in each bag. At Connetquot, the students who participated read almost 10,000 books, and at Timber Point, the students read over 11,000 books. 

This project would not have been possible without a generous donation from the For the Kids Foundation. Thanks to their continued support, we are purchasing an additional 50 book bags for each of the K-2 buildings and opening the program to our first-grade students. Once again, FTK has committed to promoting academic success for all children in the East Islip School District.  

We would like to highlight the top students from each kindergarten class who read the most books this year. Congratulations to the following:

Abigail Aloisi
John Carlos Benitez
Jayda Demaio
Matthew Kurshuk
Luke Rochford
Matthew Rosand

Timber Point:
Gregory Cavalone
Wesley Fugit
Colby Gravano
Riley Lewis
Olivia Sandberg
Shaine Wood