Sharing Stories at Challenge Day

Sharing Sories at Challenge Day

East Islip held a three-day Challenge Day event this year at both the high school and middle school, opening the hearts and minds of the students and adult volunteers who took part in the programs for an hour each day. Each day, 100 students and 25 adults were divided into groups of four students and one adult, joining in activities, sharing their stories and learning to be less judgmental.

“The program was a huge success, and after experiencing it, the consensus from everyone present was that Challenge Day did more for people in our schools than any assembly or event ever had,” said Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer. “The event allowed people to feel free to express themselves in such a short amount of time, and once the participants felt good about each other’s company, that’s when we were able to get our stories out to each other and get to the realization that we all have a story, we all have common needs in life, we have all faced adversity, and none of us need to hide behind that anymore because there is someone in the school that is here to listen to us without judgement. I would love to see Challenge Day return every year, and I think if we can make a habit of having our community open their eyes to the experiences of others, then the schools will be safer, kinder, happier places that are free of judgement, ridicule and bullying.”