Middle School Sewing Star

Middle School Sewing Star

Middle school student Stephanie Landaverde is proud of her newfound ability to sew pillows and clothing and design new scarves.

Landeverde, who will attend eighth grade this fall, began to learn how to sew in her family and consumer science class during the last school year. She enjoyed it so much that her parents bought her a Brother sewing machine, which she brought to school daily. Landeverde met with her FACS teacher, Patricia Emmons Fritz, before school and after school to enhance her impressive sewing skills and help her to create more pillows and scarves. She also assisted other students with their sewing projects. 

“Once you start something that you enjoy, you should continue doing it,” said Landeverde of her sewing.

“It is such a pleasure to see a young student who has learned the skills of sewing and cooking in her family and consumer science classroom, and now spends time at home practicing her art and learning new skills that will help her in the future,” said FACS director Israel Malinowitzer.