Kyle Harris Heads to High Point

Business is in the future for recent East Islip High School alumnus Kyle Harris, who leaves on Aug. 16 to attend High Point University in North Carolina. “I selected High Point because it has small class sizes, a nice location and a beautiful campus,” he said. “It also offers an excellent business program, and I plan to make business my career.”

The commencement ceremony on June 23 is still fresh in Harris’ memories. “It was a great day,” he reminisced. “I will truly miss everyone at East Islip High School.”

A key to his success and career plans is his experiences in East Islip’s International Business Globalization Career Academy program. “My senior year was unbelievable and I was fortunate enough to be considered for a spot in the Career Academy,” Harris said. “It made a world of difference as to how I look at education and what it has to offer. The program offered all of the students an education that combined classroom learning with business interaction and field trips that opened our eyes and our minds. The International Business Globalization Career Academy made a huge difference in my life. Being a part of all the activities, field trips and competitions brought all of us – teachers and students alike – to a special place where we all are just like family.”

Harris was one of three East Islip students to participate in the 2012 Virtual Enterprises International Global Business Challenge, held in Manhattan. “I was honored to compete,” said Harris. “The Virtual Enterprise trade fair provided students the opportunity to compete with over two hundred schools from around the world and taught all of us how important it is to be a good salesman if you want your company to do well.”

The Career Academy’s virtual company, Mobile Revolution, provided a particular avenue for Harris to shine and gain confidence in his financial abilities. He said, “Mobile Revolution has been in existence for two years and has managed to keep earning revenues and paying off any expenses owed. I was chosen by the firm to be the company’s payroll supervisor. For the entire school year, I had to make sure that payroll was properly handled. I had many opportunities throughout the school year to sit down with business leaders, to ask questions, and to learn what it entails to run a business and how important it is to keep your records accurate. My experiences as a payroll supervisor and my desire to learn more about business have influenced me so that I am now ready to pursue my career and major in business administration and accounting.”