First Day of School in East Islip

A long, hot summer off came to a close on Wednesday, Sept. 5, as the East Islip School District welcomed students back to the first day of school. From kindergartners to seniors, excitement mingled with pride as students began their journey through the school year.

The day began at 7:26 a.m. at East Islip High School, where new freshmen joined returning sophomores, juniors and seniors in the quest for learning. Not long afterward, lines of yellow school buses pulled up to East Islip Middle School in time for its 8:13 a.m. opening. While it was business as usual at the high school and middle school, the four elementary schools in the district – Connetquot, John F. Kennedy, Ruth C. Kinney and Timber Point – started their school days at a new, uniform time of 9:35 a.m.

“The halls of Connetquot Elementary were filled with the sounds of laughter and excited conversations,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “The children eagerly arrived in their classrooms and were greeted by staff members who were equally happy to be back again from the summer vacation. Instruction immediately began and students were reading, singing, creating artwork, participating in physical education classes, learning new concepts and gaining new knowledge. We are all thrilled to begin a new school year.”

At Timber Point Elementary, Principal Lisa Belz was there to warmly greet students old and new. “The first day went smoothly,” remarked Belz. “It was wonderful to see all our students so eager to begin the new year.”
Danielle Naccarato, the principal of RCK, was equally thrilled for school to be back in session. “We at RCK are all very excited to start off the 2012-2013 school year,” said Naccarato. “The students and teachers entered the school this morning with enthusiasm and great big smiles. I am sure it is going to be a terrific year.”