D'Agostino Studies at Georgetown

East Islip High School senior Tyler D’Agostino, a member of the school’s new Medical and Health Technology Career Academy, recently took a big leap forward in his quest for hands-on learning. Over five weeks during this past summer, D’Agostino attended the prestigious Fundamentals of Medicine program at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Fundamentals of Medicine provides selected high school students with an introduction to a medical school curriculum. The college-level course features both lectures and laboratory work (including patient simulations, blood pressure testing, light microscopic examination of prepared slides and dissections) and earns three college credits for participants.

D’Agostino, who plans to make medicine his career, penned an illuminating essay, “My Summer at Georgetown University,” describing his educational and cultural experiences while studying there. The essay and his accompanying photographs can be viewed here.
“Tyler’s essay certainly was able to make the reader feel as if he or she were part of his five-week course,” said Career Academy director Israel Malinowitzer, praising D’Agostino’s writing abilities. “I am very proud of his accomplishment and I want to recognize his dedication and hard work in this field.”