Top 10 Announced on Ranking Day

The top 10 students of East Islip High School’s Class of 2012 were recognized for their superlative academic success during the school’s annual Senior Ranking Day on Oct. 5.

Vincent Sheppard was announced as the top-ranked student and future valedictorian of the Class of 2013, with a weighted GPA of 108.317. Ranking second was future salutatorian Allison Casey, who scored a 106.791 weighted GPA. The remaining top 10 students, all of whom were in attendance, were Justin Morena (106.219 weighted GPA) in third place, Grace Revello (105.204 weighted GPA) in fourth, Terence Nixdorf (104.957 weighted GPA) in fifth, Ashley Tarduno (104.854 weighted GPA) in sixth, James Burke (104.559 weighted GPA) in seventh, Kevin Irace (104.541 weighted GPA) in eighth, Julia O’Connor (104.381 weighted GPA) in ninth and Tyler D’Agostino (104.216 weighted GPA) in 10th.

Shortly after 9 a.m., East Islip Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer gathered the jubilant seniors in the guidance department’s conference room for a celebratory bagel breakfast, where they were addressed by Principal William Brennen and Superintendent of Schools John J. Finello. The true measure of their accomplishment was put into perspective by Finello, who explained that because East Islip – and on a larger scale, Long Island – is such a high-achieving academic area, these East Islip students are actually among the nation’s finest 12th-grade scholars.

“I am extremely proud of our top 10 students,” said Brennen. “This prestigious accomplishment is the result of a passion and commitment to learning that began in kindergarten and has continued to grow and develop throughout their educational journey in our district. Our top 10 students are wonderful ambassadors for East Islip High school and the entire East Islip community.”

The students were also congratulated by Assistant Superintendents Alise Becker-Santa and Carl Fraser, as well as the school’s assistant principals and guidance counselors. Fraser reminded them to congratulate and thank their parents, noting that high-achieving students excel not only due to their abilities but as a result of strong support from their families.

Coming next week: in-depth profiles of each of these 10 seniors and their future plans.