Loizides Attends DNA Science Camp

Andrew Loizides, a senior at East Islip High School and aspiring medical student, attended a DNA Science camp this past summer at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center (DNALC), the world’s first science center solely devoted to genetics education. Over 14,000 students have participated in Cold Spring Harbor’s DNA camps since they began in 1985.

The DNA Science summer camp provides participants with extensive lab experience with the basic techniques of recombinant DNA, including DNA restriction and ligation, bacterial transformation and plasmid isolation. Young scientists such as Loizides are given the opportunity to perform the entire lab sequence from the acclaimed “DNA Science” textbook, using sophisticated laboratory and computer equipment.

A member of East Islip High’s new Medical and Health Technology Career Academy, Loizides plans to put his new genetics knowledge to good use. He wrote the attached essay, “DNA Science,” about his experiences at the DNA Science camp.

“Andrew is a young man with a bright future,” said Career Academy director Israel Malinowitzer. “He is planning to pursue a career in the medical field and is currently taking courses in the new Medical Academy that are both challenging and rigorous. He understands the importance of working hard and giving 100 percent of himself so that he can fulfill his dreams and aspirations. Andrew has visited several colleges over the last few months and is carefully reviewing the schools that offer excellent medical programs. He is a dedicated and responsible young man with a vision for his future.”