Firefighters Visit Connetquot for Prevention Week

In recognition of Fire Prevention Awareness Week, members of the Islip Terrace Fire Department visited with students in grades K-3 at Connetquot Elementary School on Oct. 10. Escorted by several firefighters, fourth- and fifth-graders from the school walked across Manhattan Boulevard on Oct. 10 and 11 to take an actual tour of the firehouse facility.  

At both the school assemblies and the firehouse, firefighters talked about the importance of fire prevention and how to properly deal with dangerous situations that may arise in connection with fire. The 368 participating children learned about the need for fire alarms, how to respond if they were in a smoke-filled room, and the importance of the “stop, drop and roll” procedure if they ever were actually in a fire.

“The firemen were very engaging and educated all who were in attendance,” said Connetquot Principal Deborah Smith. “The children proudly wore their ‘fire hats’ home and learned lessons on safety around stoves and other household electrical appliances.”