World Sight Day at Middle School

East Islip Middle School's student government and National Honor Society teamed up to sponsor World Sight Day on Oct. 11, collecting 137 pairs of donated eyeglasses.

Celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October, World Sight Day serves to focus attention globally on the issues of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. In low-income nations, where approximately 90 percent of the world’s blind persons reside, the elderly and older women in particular must often face obstacles in receiving needed eye health care and prohibitively expensive eyeglasses. Donated glasses are often the only way for these individuals to regain unimpaired vision.

For their World Sight Day project, participating students at the middle school requested donations of old eyeglasses or sunglasses to help people with eyesight difficulties in developing countries around the world. For every pair brought in, students were given raffle tickets for a Target gift card. On Oct. 22, the winner was announced as eighth-grader Tom Lynster.