Annual Embers Serves Up Entertainment and Coffee

EI’s Annual Embers Serves Up Entertainment and Coffee

Continuing a winter tradition at the high school, technology education teacher James Connell’s video production and broadcast television classes recently presented the annual Embers Coffee House variety show in front of live student audiences throughout the day in the high school’s broadcast room.

Among the students who worked hard to ensure an entertaining event were hosts Lauren DeCanio, Nick Conzo and Andrew Johnson; music and comedy performers Chris Alessi, Mal Brewster-Holland and Ben Chovnick; co-producers John Lennon and Stephanie Milito; technical director Jenna Donnelly; audio technician Sam Lichter; stage crew manager Jake Kenny; and coffee and hot chocolate barista Chris Cerrito.

This year’s Embers was a little smaller than previous events, due to the fact that the studio is still under construction and in the process of getting a full make-over, including new studio equipment donated by the For the Kids Foundation and former video production alumni Cameron and Matt Philie.

“Our plan is to have a much larger version of this show in the spring, and use it as a showcase of the new studio and all its upgrades and capabilities,” said Connell. “The students are super excited about being able to design, create and perform in this upcoming show.”