JFK’s Social Media Club Explores Digital Ctizenship

JFK’s Social Media Club Explores Digital Ctizenship

At JFK, a new afterschool club has sparked student awareness and creativity. JFK’s Social Media Club, a group of fifth-graders, meets weekly after school to learn about social media, including digital citizenship and issues facing society as technology changes the ways in which people connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other. Guided by Laura Meehan, the students are also working to promote the school by writing for the school’s online newsletter and using various social media platforms.

“I love being in the Social Media Club,” said James Downey. “We have so much stuff we want to learn, and we get to have a chance to get some of our writing into our school newsletter.”

“We have lots of fun,” said Nicholas Costantini. “We type and do videos on the ChromeBooks. We all follow the rules and we also respect them and respect others.”

“This club teaches kids about social media and videos as well as cyberbullying and how to stop it,” said Nicholas DeSantis. “We’ve learned to remember to always watch your electronic footprint, and that when you post something, it’s out there forever.”

“We learn loads of awesome things, like how to be safe on the Internet, work with others and type on the computer,” said Olivia Primiano. “I think my favorite part is hanging out with my friends doing fun activities. This is a really fun after-school club.”