JFK Celebrates Earth Day 2019

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In celebration of Earth Day 2019, JFK students, staff and community members gathered on April 18 to walk around the school fields. Each class made colorful and creative banners to foster awareness about the importance of respecting the earth and appreciating the environment.

Six fifth grade students – Emma Blandino, Emilia Cicale, Kylie Dickson, Aidan Godbout, Hanna Nilsen and Olivia Primiano – read their original poetry, which highlighted the responsibility to reduce, recycle and reuse, and the entire school performed a song directed by music teacher James Santoro. 

“Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 to recognize clean air, land and water,” said Principal Deborah Smith. “Every year, we take time to appreciate all that we have and the beautiful nature around us. It is also vital that we accept our obligation to conserve and protect our planet for generations to come.”