EI Partners with Stony Brook for Language College Credits

EI Partners with Stony Brook for Language College Credits thumbnail120092
East Islip has partnered with Stony Brook University’s ACE program to provide the high school’s world language students with college credits. Beginning in fall 2019, high schoolers enrolled in level 4 or 5 French, Italian and Spanish courses may be eligible to earn up to eight credits from Stony Brook.

Led by Dr. Robert J. Wottawa II, the district’s director of art, ENL, music and world languages, East Islip began working through the rigorous approval process last September with three ACE program facilitators, Spanish professor Dr. Lilia Ruiz-Debbie and French and Italian professors Dr. Irene Marchegiani and Dr. Madeline Turan.

“We are excited to begin this partnership with Stony Brook as well as the professional development opportunities they will provide our world language teachers,” said Wottawa. “Stony Brook is nationally recognized and the earned credits are more transferable to other universities. This allows our high school students to earn the required language credits for many degrees or earn college credits that can be used toward their college graduation.”