Catch-a-Career Preps for the Future

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The high school’s career exploration program recently held its annual Catch-A-Career Breakfast at the Irish Coffee Pub, allowing 50 business professionals in various career fields and 70 juniors and seniors to meet, network and discuss careers. Set up like a speed dating event, Catch-A-Career helps students understand and decide on their future jobs. 

“This event was awesome because I got to speak with businesspeople and ask them important questions about their fields,” said senior Eric Berke. “Most students are not usually given that opportunity, but through this program, we get to do that. Before the breakfast, we practiced and went over how to prepare for the event, which helped me think about the questions before the breakfast and make the most of it.”

“East Islip is a step above most schools in this area because we have been holding this event for 16 years, recognizing that students need to be college and career ready, which is what this program provides,” said Bridget Lopiccolo, who developed and organizes Catch-A-Career with fellow teacher Paul McHugh. 

In the program’s next step, students can participate in Mentor Me, spending a day shadowing a professional in their desired career field.