Photography Students Explore Bayard

Photography Students Explore Arboretum thumbnail143361

Guided by teachers Joy Taylor and Heather Toomey, high school photography students recently enjoyed a field trip to Bayard Cutting Arboretum. While cold, it was a sunny day and proved conducive for taking photos. Some of the students were working on shooting film photography for their narrative project while also completing a digital scavenger hunt.

“Bayard is such a beautiful and serene place,” said Taylor. “I’m glad we brought the photo students as many of them had never been there before.”

“It is such a wonderful experience to go on location to a site and photograph a beautiful local place,” said Clarinda Vilardi.

“It was a fun learning experience and a great environment to be able to practice using my camera skills and have questions answered by my teacher,” said Katryna Mullen.

“The arboretum was a very open area to explore,” said Gerson Tamayo. “It lets a photographer really capture the moment.”

“There were so many opportunities to capture beautiful photos, ones that you don’t get to see in a regular park,” said Victoria D’Amico.

“It is extremely valuable to the learning experience to be able to go to a beautiful local spot and help students on location have a better understanding of their cameras and natural lighting,” said Toomey. “We also had a lot of fun as a class.”