EI VE Makes Second Place Pitch at Post

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Led by student Taylor Capozzoli’s outstanding pitch contest performance, the high school’s virtual enterprise class recently participated in the sixth annual Virtual Enterprises International Business and Entrepreneurship Leadership Conference, held at LIU Post in Brookville.

Following a powerful keynote address, the students attended breakout sessions of their choice led by prominent business professionals in several career pathways. A total of 86 VE firms from 55 Long Island high schools competed at the conference. Each firm developed an elevator pitch for a potential investor for their startup business idea. One student from each firm delivered this pitch in front of a panel of business leaders who served as judges. The pitches were evaluated on how compelling and informative they were, as well as on the speaker’s delivery.

Capozzoli delivered a flawless pitch in both rounds for the firm HEMPire, earning second place overall, and teacher Ray Babinsky’s class was awarded a $500 prize.

“Taylor is a natural, and demonstrated incredible confidence,” Babinsky said. “Some of these pitch presentations were incredibly professional and well-conceived, so Taylor’s recognition is quite the accomplishment for the entire class.”