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East Islip Board of Education

District Strategic Plan   

District Goals

  1. Priority No. 1: High Academic Standards – All students will have access to a challenging, fulfilling and effective learning experience aligned to college and career readiness.

  2. Priority No. 2: Safe School Climate – The district will support and sustain a safe, nurturing, respectful environment where staff and students are supported to bring out the best in each other.

  3. Priority No. 3: Fiscal Responsibility – The district will provide an educationally sound and fiscally responsible budget that supports students in achieving the vision and mission of the district, one that increases efficiencies, evaluates, expands and restores quality programs reflective of our community to ensure strong support for our schools.

  4. Priority No. 4: Technologically Advanced Schools – The district will continue to implement a multi-year technology plan; part of this plan will seek to expand the infrastructure needed to support dedicated, high-speed connections that provide better access to innovative digital technologies and teaching/learning opportunities in a technologically-advanced world.

  5. Priority No. 5: Transparent Communication – The district will make available timely and useful information to engage the East Islip community in meaningful ways so as to foster public trust and greater involvement that supports the district’s mission on education.



Saturday, November 26, 2022