East Islip and Other Long Island Districts Deserve Their Fair Share!

Long Island's taxpayers send 17 percent of their earned income to Albany in the form of tax dollars, but we only get back about 12 percent of the state aid distributed to local school districts. It's a maddening set of circumstances, and combined with the tax cap, it is hurting our schools and taxpayers.

We say it is time to stop penalizing Long Island, and to start funding our schools fairly. As a result, we have created an email campaign, endorsed by our Board of Education. Two letters are available for your use. The first encourages support for equitable funding for Long Island's school districts. The second encourages our representatives to advocate for more funding for East Islip.

To participate in the email campaign, please click on the individual letter link below. From there, please complete the entry fields and hit “submit.” 
    Your “signed” letter will then automatically be sent respectively to Sen. Flanagan and/or Sen. Boyle, Sen. Zeldin and Assemblyman Garbarino.

    Click here to send the EQUITABLE FUNDING letter to Sen. John Flanagan
    Click here to send the MORE FUNDING FOR EAST ISLIP letter to our area legislators

    You may also send personalized letters to the below representatives by copying the text (and adding more) provided within the links and pasting them into an email from your personal account. Email addresses are as follows:

    For the EQUITABLE FUNDING letter:

    2nd Senate District
    Sen. John J. Flanagan
    Chairman, Senate Committee on Education

    For the MORE FUNDING letter:

    3rd Senate District
    Sen. Lee M. Zeldin

    4th Senate District
    Sen. Phil Boyle

    7th Assembly District
    Assemblyman Andrew R. Garbarino
    Thank you for your participation in this important campaign.
    Thursday, June 30, 2016