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Air Conditioning/Refrigeration/Freezer Maintenance Repairs And Services District-Wide


Architectural/Engineering Contract

Athletic Uniforms


Auditorium Seating


Automotive Repair


Board/Labor Counsel


Cafeteria & Other Related Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services


Cesspools/Grease Traps & Stoppages Maintenance And Repair District-Wide


Chromebook Acquisitions


Door and Closure Repair


    Electrical Repairs and Services


    Elevator and Stage Lift Chair Inspection and Repairs


    Glass Replacement


    Gymnasium Bleachers-Folding Doors-Basketball Backstop-Stage Rigging: Safety Inspection, Certification and Repair


    Investigative Services


    Irrigation Inspection, Repair, Maintenance And Service


    Oil Burner Services


        PA, Intercom, House Phone System Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services


        Playground Inspection


          Plumbing Repairs and Services


          Printing Services - District-Wide


          Roof-Rubber Membrane Repair, Maintenance And Service


          School Age Before and After School Child Care Program


          School Physician and Healthcare Services


          Security System Monitoring, Repair, Maintenance & Service District Wide

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          Snow Removal - Stand by Service


          Transportation Consultant Services


          Universal Pre-K


            Vehicle Surplus Sale


                  Wednesday, August 23, 2017