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Budget Vote and Board Election on May 21

The East Islip School District 2019 budget vote and board election will take place on Tuesday, May 21, from 6 a.m.-9 p.m. in the Early Childhood Center at 1 Craig B. Gariepy Ave. in Islip Terrace.

The evening's Board of Education business meeting will begin at 9 p.m.

East Islip Sends 57 Musicians to SCMEA All-County Concerts

East Islip Sends 57 Musicians to SCMEA All-County Concerts

Recognized by the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association for their skill and diligence, 57 exceptional elementary, middle and high school students from East Islip were selected for this spring’s All-County Concerts.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School musicians chosen were Keira Bloch, Angelina Codispoti, Jayden Dell’Isola, Heather Heffernan, Justin Manfredi and Olivia Primiano.

Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School musicians chosen were Mya Dandona, Krista Deutsch, Alexandra DeVita, Zeynep Oztas, and Matthew Pasfield.

East Islip Middle School musicians chosen were Erin Ackerman, Ryan Buchan, Daniel Carroll, Stephen Coleman, Joseph Cruz, Rachel Furey, Kiersten Galli, Tristan Hearth, Lauren Holmes, Brendan Kearney, James Kelly, Stephen Law, Samuel Martinez, Natalia Mendolia, Melissa Mirabelli, Jada Poindexter, Olivia Quintero, Ryan Renganeschi, Ella Tantillo, Keira Tantillo, James Terhune, Aidan Thompson, Marissa Triolo, Brianna Tucci, Brooke Tursi, Nicholas Wodicka and Brandon Zane.

East Islip High School musicians chosen were Jacob Arens, Ryan Auffant, Robert Finn, Joseph Graziano, Kelli Karlin, Mia Lembo, Jillian Lopez, Michelle Mirabelli, Chiara Mosca, Vince Papillo, Olivia Pause, Olivia Pena, Joy Petersen, Kaitlyn Rice, Emily Rottkamp, Samantha Seibert, Marie Tohill and Shannon Wodicka.

MS Math League Competes in Challenging Tournament

MS Math League Competes in Challenging Tournament

Five students in the middle school’s Math League – Muhammad Abdullah, Rachel Furey, Krina Patel, Khushnood Rahim and Marisa Triolo – participated in a math tournament at North Shore Middle School in Glen Cove on April 5, competing in a series of STEM challenges as well as team and individual math contests. They worked with each other and were also split up into teams consisting of students from different Long Island schools. Rahim’s team won first place out of the 210 students involved.

“This was the first time the Math League participated in an event like this, so it was an exciting afternoon for the students,” said teacher Alyssa Tripi. “The questions they were given were incredibly challenging and we are very proud of the effort and diligence they put into this tournament.”

Showcasing STEAM at East Islip

Showcasing STEAM at East Islip

More than 350 community members participated in the district’s second annual STEAM/Robotics Festival, held at the high school on March 27. The exciting evening event, open to all students from kindergartners through seniors, featured diverse science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics activities and showcased the district’s current STEAM and robotics programs.

Student groups taking part included the high school and middle school STEM Clubs, the high school’s Chess Club, and science fair winners from JFK and RCK. Also in attendance were members of the East Islip Chamber of Commerce, representatives from East Islip Public Library, Solar Dad and Sons, Long Island University, Good Samaritan Hospital and Northwell Health, and numerous vendors and business organizations.

“This event was created to show students of all ages that STEAM is where they should begin to start looking for their future careers,” said East Islip Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer, who co-coordinated the festival with teacher Genesis Dawson. “This field is in dire need of workers and schools need to start promoting these programs and educating our students about the importance of STEAM and all the skills that they need to develop and learn in order to be successful in their future endeavors. We are also trying to encourage our students to get their education and continue to stay on Long Island and raise their families here.”

Message from Superintendent on Summer School

Dear EI Parents/Guardians/Students:

Due to the extensive roofing project taking place at the high school and middle school, we will not be hosting summer school this summer. At this time, I would like to appeal to all our students to make a concerted effort to do their school work to the best of their ability. In my 33 years of education, I have never seen a child fail a class who did not do the following:
✓ Come to class every day prepared to work.
✓ Give their best effort every day in class.
✓ Complete all assignments to the best of their ability.
✓ If they missed class, they are consciousness and make up the missed work.
✓ When grades are not passing grades, they seek out their teachers, go to extra help and have a conversation with their teachers on what they need to do to be successful in class.

I am appealing to all students to simply treat their classes the way we want them to treat their jobs when they go out into the world: to be on time, be prepared, give their best effort and when things are not going well to look in the mirror and seek advice so they can succeed.

The previous statement applies to local course work. Passing the New York State Regents Examinations is not an option and may present other hurdles. A child who passes classes and not the Regents Examinations will be given support, so they can take the regents in August and be successful.

My hope for every East Islip student is to be successful from September to June and be free to enjoy the beautiful summers that Long Island provides. If we all work together and encourage our young people, we could eliminate the need for summer school and those resources could be used in other areas.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

John V. Dolan
Superintendent of Schools

Saying Something Important at the MS

Saying Something Important at the MS

To emphasize the East Islip school community’s commitment to supporting the Sandy Hook Promise movement to save lives and protect all students from harm, eighth-graders Kaylee Norton and Marisa Triolo recently read important morning announcements each day at the middle school during Say Something Week. Like many other participating students, the pair wore green in support of the cause. Norton and Triolo told their classmates, “If you see something, say something,” and urged them, “be an upstander not a bystander.”

“This was a very important week that sent a very important message,” said Triolo. “Sandy Hook made many people sad for the lives lost, but it also made others scared, wondering if their school was next. Little did everyone know things like Sandy Hook can be prevented by saying something when you see something. If you see something that could be concerning, you should tell a trusted adult. If you tell a trusted adult, they might be able to do something to help someone or prevent something. If you see a warning sign, you especially need to tell a trusted adult. Say Something Week was very powerful.”

Monday, May 20, 2019