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High school art teacher Heather Toomey recently exhibited her work alongside two of her students, Cammi Shaw and Sarah Strick, in the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association’s virtual Invitational Show.

“I chose Cammi and Sarah to exhibit alongside me because I immediately saw a connection in our work,” Toomey said. “Photography is one of my favorite mediums and Cammi and Sarah have both excelled in this area. The content of our pieces worked well together, and I thought they were a perfect choice for the Invitational Show. I could not be prouder to have my work exhibited alongside them.”

Shaw, a senior, has worked to become a skilled photographer and will graduate in June.

“I have worked with Cammi since she was a freshman in studio art and I am honored she took my photography class as a senior,” Toomey said. “She is so talented in photography. I will miss her dearly when she graduates and I have no doubt that she will continue to explore photography and show the world her vision through her photography.”

Strick, a sophomore, is also a member of the school’s National Art Honor Society.

“Sarah is extremely creative and talented,” Toomey said. “She has proven to have strong compositional skills and a photographic eye, and I look forward to even more from her in our department over the next few years.”

Their work can be seen here at 1:57.

Friday, February 26, 2021