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Newest Grad Shows Determination

East Islip’s newest graduate demonstrates determination thumbnail197163

Margret Keil, the newest member of East Islip’s Class of 2021, received her diploma at the school’s summer graduation ceremony, held on Aug. 25 in the school’s courtyard. with her family and district administrators in attendance. Keil plans to attend Suffolk Community College this fall, studying nursing.

“Maggie is a very special young woman and it gives me great pleasure to recognize her accomplishments,” said Principal Mark Bernard. “She has demonstrated the definition of determination.”

Bernard went on to address Keil, telling the new alumna, “You may have taken a little different path than your peers, but you have overcome hardships and demonstrated the perseverance and persistence needed to recognize you as a graduate of East Islip High School.”

Also earning an East Islip diploma this summer was Samantha McNamee.

Sunday, November 28, 2021