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AP Science Students Analyze Sunken Meadow Ecosystem

East Islip AP science students analyze the ecosystem at Sunken Meadow thumbnail206536

Last month, high school students in Lauren Ferlin’s AP Environmental Science classes traveled to Sunken Meadow State Park where they explored the tidal salt marsh.

The students learned about the history of the marsh and the reasons why tidal salt marshes are so unique and important. They collected abiotic data such as salinity, turbidity, temperature, nitrate, phosphate, dissolved oxygen and pH, and used a seine net to collect biotic data in the tidal creek. Many native and invasive species were found, including banded killifish, juvenile flounder, Atlantic silversides, juvenile bluefish, fiddler crabs, Asian shore crab, mud snails, hermit crabs, jellyfish and various seaweeds. This data was then analyzed and used to determine the overall health of this ecosystem.

Friday, January 21, 2022