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Learning to Fly Drones at EIHS

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For the past few months, East Islip High School students in James Connell’s Robotics Club and William Lackner’s Video-Vation Club have been learning how to fly the East Islip High School Technology Department’s drones.

At the beginning of the year, the department purchased two DJI Mavic Mini 2 drones, which are perfectly designed for introductory-level drone operators who may be interested in learning how to operate drones. To infuse this new technology into courses such as video production and robotics, the two clubs have been experimenting with all of the drones’ functions and capabilities, and practicing with them, primarily after school.

Facilitated by Director of Careers and Student Services Jason Stanton, the students have also been getting certified to fly the drones “recreationally” using a free online training course and certification exam online. Several students in both clubs have completed their certifications and are now taking the drones to new heights, both figuratively and literally, and David Smith, one of Lackner's top video students, edited and produced a video of their drone activities utilizing his video production skills. Both teachers have long-term plans to make drone flying an active part of their curriculum, as there is no shortage of applications for this new and ever-growing technology.



Tuesday, May 17, 2022