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Gingerbread Day at Connetquot

 Gingerbread Day at JFK  thumbnail209097

Continuing a beloved annual tradition, first graders at Connetquot enjoyed a December day of gingerbread activities. First, they engaged in reading different versions of gingerbread stories, including “The Gingerbread Man,” “The Gingerbread Boy,” “The Gingerbread Girl” and “The Gingerbread Baby.” Working with teacher Barbara Maieli, the young readers compared the stories’ characters, the phrases the characters use when they run away and how the stories ended. The first graders then created and decorated their own gingerbread houses with yummy candies and treats.

“Although we couldn’t have parents in to assist this year, we were able to still enjoy this fun activity in the classroom,” Maieli said.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022