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JFK Takes on “March Mathness”

JFK students take on “March Mathness” challenge thumbnail216062

Last month, John F. Kennedy Elementary School celebrated “March Mathness,” an annual academic competition of math skills, math strength and math endurance. Students in all grades logged in to their IXL math accounts and attempted math problems over a 10-day period. The winners were Nuala Quinlan’s third-grade class, Megan Himaya and Karl Von Glahn’s fourth-grade class, and Laura Meehan’s fifth-grade class. Individual grade level winners were recognized as well.

JFK’s resident DJs – Karl Von Glahn (aka “DJ IXL”) and Michael Fernandez (aka “DJ Fernando”) – used the school’s announcements to cheer the students on, encouraging them to do their best and reach for math heights while reminding the students that everyone was a winner if they were practicing math and sharpening their abilities.

“The students and classes competed against each other, but more importantly, they challenged themselves to increase their math expertise,” Principal Deborah Smith said. “Anyone who participated should consider themselves a champion.”

Date Added: 4/13/2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022