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EIHS Artists Prepare Portfolios

Two East Islip HS artists participate in NYSATA Portfolio Project thumbnail223326

East Islip High School students Naomy Mukai and Maddalena Toto recently participated in the NYSATA Portfolio Project, an initiative developed in cooperation with the New York State Education Department that provides students with an opportunity to present portfolios of their work at regional adjudication sites. The student portfolios provide evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts. Feedback is available for the student, parent, school and community.

During the past school year, Mukai was enrolled in Dan Figliozzi’s drawing and painting class as well as Amarilis Singh’s photography class, while Toto was enrolled in Singh’s studio in art class as well as Figliozzi’s honors design and drawing.

“Naomy and Maddy did an amazing job at the NYSATA Portfolio evaluation,” teacher Amarilis Singh said. “They received fantastic scores and feedback. I am incredibly proud of them and the work they have created this year. Naomy is a talented student who excels in art. In her classes this past year, and with her own artistic initiatives, she was able to produce a body of work to create a portfolio for submission to this project. She will be taking AP Art next year and I believe that this experience will help her immensely when making her AP body of work and portfolio preparation. As a freshman, Maddy’s talent stood out to us. I believe this was a great opportunity for her to experience writing and speaking about her creative process as well as receiving feedback outside of our school’s art teachers. She has a great creative initiative and constantly wants to learn more. At school, she is often found working on an art project or seeking out new knowledge and feedback from the art teachers.”

“The NYSATA Portfolio Project was an amazing experience that allowed me to showcase my talents,” Mukai said. “I found the evaluation to be extremely beneficial to understand how an outside viewer will react to my pieces. I hope this experience will help me in the process of making my later work, and understanding how my viewer will conceptualize my work. The act of composing a portfolio together, allowed me to understand how the order of my pieces will demonstrate a story to the viewer. I hope these efforts will help me next year as I will be making a portfolio for college applications as well as AP Art.”

“NYSATA was just what I needed to give me confidence in my art,” Toto said. “Finding out about what other art teachers think of my work and having them give me tips on my pieces expands my ideas more and pushes me to do better. Being only in ninth grade, this really gave me a good look into the future in terms of putting my portfolio together. The waves of emotions that I went through while putting it together and making new pieces for the portfolio were stressful, but in the end, I felt a sensation of achievement.”

Date Added: 7/8/2022

Sunday, October 02, 2022