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Rocket Science Rules at RCK

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Fifth-graders at Ruth C. Kinney put their rocketry research to the test with an exciting demonstration at the adjacent high school field on June 5. The event was the culmination of a month’s worth of studying the science of rocketry, the scientific method and Newton’s three laws of motion, using BOCES kits supplied by the district.

“With the students’ knowledge of the scientific method, there was a great deal of discussion regarding the variables that could effect the outcome of a rocket launch,” said teacher Robert Chiarelli. “The students were very aware that the slightest variations could effect the flight of their rockets.”

During the week before the launches, as excitement and anticipation grew, the students focused on instructional reading, examining the assembly instructions and lists of parts before breaking into groups and constructing the rockets. The RCK students also read nonfiction articles regarding the history of NASA and space exploration in the United States, and watched newsreel videos of rocket successes and disasters throughout America history, including the Apollo and space shuttle programs.

“During the process of making the rockets, we learned what a nose cone and launch lug are,” said student Kuba Kolodziejak. “When we finally finished our rockets and launched, we got to catch them. It was spectacular.”

Friday, June 05, 2020