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Class of 2015 Reach for Their Dreams

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Donning traditional red and white caps and gowns, seniors of the Class of 2015 took a step close to reaching their dreams as they graduated from the high school on June 26.

The commencement was held on Sal Ciampi Field at Boomer Esiason Stadium in front of a crowd of proud administrators and families. Following the processional march into the stadium, Principal Bill Brennen opened the ceremony with words of wisdom for the students to carry with them as they enter their next life chapter.

“When you leave here today you cannot predict what is going to happen next,” said Brennen. “Most of you have plans, but rarely does anything go according to plan. When your plan goes astray, don’t sweat it. Sometimes those changes are a blessing in disguise. Change and adapt. Don’t be afraid of what life throws your way. The obstacles between you and your dreams are just small stuff. The truth is, your family and the education that you received here at East Islip have prepared you for those challenges and you are certainly capable of achieving the success you desire.”

Reflecting on her years at East Islip, co-valedictorian Lauren Farrell shared a personal experience of facing her fears by donating blood, despite being afraid of fainting. She reminded her classmates to stand up for what is right, even if it is a difficult choice.

“Adulthood is right around the corner, and that means big changes in our lives,” said Farrell. “There will be moments of fear and uncertainty, but facing them is necessary to surpassing them. The lesson I learned was about selflessness. I knew I was going to faint before I even walked in that room, but I still did it because I knew it was the right thing to do. I focused on helping others. Doing the right thing even without being rewarded or acknowledged is what distinguishes the heroes among us. Next time you get the chance, do the right thing and be someone’s hero.”

Board of Education president Steven Behan said goodbye to the Class of 2015 with a short, heartfelt speech, telling the students to dream big.

“Please dream as big as you can,” he said. “Get a plan and get to it. If you help yourself, the people that love you will help you too. Good luck, Class of 2015. Reach for your highest dreams.”

Friday, June 05, 2020