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Philie Finds Success on YouTube

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East Islip High School alumnus Matt Philie recently visited his alma mater for a presentation to technology teacher Jim Connell’s video production class.

Philie, a member of East Islip’s Class of 2014, creates videos for his popular YouTube channel, Swashin TV, focusing on tips, tricks, and tutorials to improve gaming setups while also reviewing products that help with working and gaming at home. He hosts, produces and edits his own successful online show on YouTube, called “Pimp My Setup,” which provides a venue for viewers to submit their gaming setups for critique by Philie and special guests such as fellow content creator LinusTechTips and Philie’s brother Thomas, a 2012 East Islip graduate.

Philie’s channel has grown exponentially since its inception more than a year ago, with 55,880 subscribers and more than 3 million views, leading to partnerships with companies such as Velcro Brand, IKEA and Logitech and showcase visits to expos such like VidCon in California and Gnomedex in Seattle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020