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Future Medical Student Helps Save a Life

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For East Islip High School student Phoebe Tedesco, a summer job incident proved inspiring for her and lifechanging for a Long Island grandfather.

Tedesco was hired this past summer as a lifeguard at the Bay Shore Marina. On Aug. 1, Tedesco was called to duty and had to respond to an immediate crisis at Benji Beach. While observing a man in the water with his grandchildren, she noticed him collapse. A team of 10 lifeguards, including Tedesco, jumped into the water and pulled the stricken man out. They tried to revive him with an AED machine, but it proved ineffective, and the lifeguards began doing CPR and administering oxygen.  Emergency medical technicians arrived, stabilizing the man’s neck and connecting him to an IV unit. 

On her last day of summer work, Tedesco and her fellow lifeguards were paid a surprise visit by the man they had helped, who thanked each of them for saving his life. She received a certificate of recognition on Sept. 8  from the Islip Town Board.

The event provided inspiring, and Tedesco, now attending East Islip’s Medical and Health Technology Career Academy, plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

“Phoebe was very proud to have been there that day,” said Career Academy Director Israel Malinowitzer.

Friday, August 23, 2019