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The Etiquette of Eating at EI

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More than 65 students from all four of the high school’s Career Academies participated together in the program’s second annual etiquette luncheon event on Sept. 24, providing social cohesion and a lesson in fine dining.

The food for the event was prepared by members of the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Career Academy, who then joined their fellow students at tables, divided into groups of 10, at the district’s Early Childhood Center cafeteria. Special seating arrangements ensured that each table included members from each division, also including the Environment Green, International Business Globalization, and Medical and Health Technology Career Academies.

Career Academy teachers served the dishes to the students, and spoke to them about proper etiquette when invited to an event or meeting with a supervisor.  They also discussed topics such as the proper use of utensils and napkins, as well as myths and facts associated with proper etiquette when dining with friends or family.

Guest speaker Adam Elbayer, from North Shore-LIJ Health System’s human resources department, went over guidelines that are used when interviewing candidates for a position in his company, and discussed proper interview dress code, behavior and preparation.  

“It was a wonderful opportunity for the Career Academy Program students to get to know one another while learning the fine art of eating,” said Career Academy Director Israel Malinowitzer. “They were polite, respectful of one another and enjoyed spending time with the teachers who volunteered their own time after school to provide these students with the skills they will need for the rest of their lives.”

Friday, June 05, 2020